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Myokem mTOR PRO
Myokem mTOR PRO

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mTOR Pro:

Product Description
There comes a time when a supplement company has to make a decision on whether it wants to appease the masses or continue its trend of being leaders in product innovation. By succumbing to the pressures of the industry, sales growth can increase rapidly in a very short time. It’s easy to produce that and as business owners, do you fault them? You have the pressures of fans asking for a certain type of product or distributors requesting you to produce something to help drive THEIR sales. It is very hard to stay true to who you are and what you value when large dollar signs are flashed in your face.

We faced that crossroad when we were approached about developing a BCAA/amino formula. Our first response was absolutely not. Why enter a category that we could not be the leaders in? I mean after all, brands are producing simple formulas to taste like candy or altering the quality of their formula just to make it taste good and appear a certain way. This is a category that we wanted to avoid.

But then we were proposed this…

ActiveTR™: Time Released L-Leucine

This was groundbreaking to us. We immediately knew we had a distinct opportunity to bring innovation to this category. We all know leucine to be the key anabolic amino acid. But what many do not understand is leucine works in a pulsatile fashion. Your benefit from it lasts approximately 2-2.5 hours. This forces you to have to consume leucine multiple times per day to see an increase in muscle protein synthesis (MPS) for an extended duration.

Now unless you are filthy rich, you will be spending TONS of money on BCAAs to support using so many servings per day for optimal MPS.

Until now…

ActiveTR™ is a revolutionary development that causes a release of a 3 gram bolus of leucine three hours after consumption. What does that mean exactly? With mTOR PRO™, you will get the benefits of traditional BCAAs with the benefit of a second release of leucine 2.5-3 hours later. Now you can maximize MPS and the power of leucine for nearly double the time. That means less servings you have to use and endless possibilities of timing. This could be used even at night time to maximize MPS while sleeping, whereas our competitors’ products will fall very short.

But what about copycats?!

Our biggest concern with such a revolutionary ingredient is there have been brands copying us already. Why should they benefit from our innovation? Well to protect our brand, the developer of this ingredient trusted MYOKEM™ so much that they extended an exclusive license to us solely. NO OTHER brand will be using ActiveTR™ for quite some time!

Now, we could easily stop at this with some traditional BCAAs and it would be a solid formula. Let’s be honest, most brands do not use much more than BCAAs anyways. But that’s not how we formulate. We set out to make the best recovery BCAA formula. Again, we could have confided with industry trends and added some performance aids like Betaine Anhydrous or L-Carnitine-Tartrate, but MYOKEM™ fans already know that NITRAMINE™ was developed for that.

2.5 Grams of Essential Amino Acids (EAAs): The Dwayne Wade to Lebron James

Now leucine tends to get all of the attention in this category. And while, yes it is the all-star like Lebron James, you need the rest of the team to win a championship.

This is the best analogy we could come up with:

If you flip on a light switch to a light without a light bulb, what will happen? No light, obviously. If your current product only contains BCAAs, this is what’s happening. You can have all of the MPS going on, but without the EAAs, no actual muscle building or recovery is happening. Think of EAAs as the light bulb. If your goal is muscle building/recovery and physique optimization, then your current amino NEEDS to have BCAAs AND EAAs. If not, you’re more than likely wasting your money like as if you bought the actual candy.

Wait…there’s more…

Taurine, B Vitamins, and Electrolytes: Optimizing Hydration and Utilization

To round out an already well rounded formula, we included B vitamins to enhance utilization and taurine/electrolytes to optimize hydration. After all, the most common time amino products are consumed is during your workout when hydration is key. Not to mention, taurine has plenty of muscle recovery benefits in addition to BCAAs and EAAs.

AstraGin®: Absorption Powerhouse

No formulation is complete without the addition of some absorption enhancer. AstraGin® is the new comer and shows outstanding research on its ability to increase absorption of amino acids through repairing inflammatory intestinal walls. mTOR PRO™ already contains the highest amount of Essential Amino Acids per serving than any other product, but with the addition of AstraGin®, this becomes a true one serving dose.

mTOR PRO™: The Most Innovative and Complete BCAA/EAA Formula

We’ve done it again and will continue to do so. We LEAD the industry in innovation.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 Scoop
Servings Per Container 30
Amount Per Serving
Serving % DV
Calories0 -
Total Fat0g0%
Total Carbohydrate0g0%
Potassium (as Potassium Gluconate)25mg2%
Sodium (as Sodium Chloride)30mg1%
Vitamin B-12 (as Methylcobalamin)150mcg2500%
AstraGin (Astragalus Membranaceus & Panax Notoginseng)50mg -
mTOR Activating Recovery Matrix11g -
Thiamin (vitamin B-1) (as Thiamin HCl)10mg667%
Active Hydration Matrix1g -
Proprietary Blends
Active Hydration Matrix
Taurine (1.0 g), Potassium gluconate (150 mg), Sodium chloride (75 mg)
*percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Ingredients: Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavoring, Silica, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium ActiveTR is a trademark of Compound Solutions, Inc. Astragin is a registered trademark of NuLiv Science

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Nutrition Facts are a simulation of the product's "Nutrition Label". For the actual Nutrition Label please refer to the product packaging.

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